Carnegie Mellon University ‘18. B.Arch


My name is Jessica Sved. I enjoy designing and working on community-based projects because I like being able to actually engage and work with the people that will be effected by the project. I feel that both small-scale design and urban design are some of the most productive tools for uplifting communities. A semester abroad awakened a new interest in material experimentation and speculative design.


I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I always wanted to go and explore beyond what I knew. Since leaving, I have tried to travel as much as possible. I have been lucky enough to see more cities than I ever thought I would. My travels have led me to discover a love of nature and activeness along the way.


I have also been working within the Carnegie Mellon University Housing department for the last two years. I have had the chance to gain knowledge about facility management and to use my creative skills in small-scale projects. I spent these work hours on-site, at project meetings, at facilities meetings, and learning about what it takes to keep the university housing running.